Press Kit:     Pioneers, Patriots, and Planters


Press Release #1:     Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, Ph.D.
Press Release #2:     Ground-breaking family genealogy focuses on early Georgia history.
Press Release #3:     Houston author begins second career with publication of ground-breaking family genealogy  

Overview: Pioneers, Patriots, and Planters
Book Excerpt #1:     The Georgia-Texas Connection
Book Excerpt #2:     Dueling in the 1800s
Book Excerpt #3:     The Civil War Reaches the Plantations
Book Excerpt #4:     The Life of a Planter Family on the Frontier
Book Excerpt #5:     The Value of Land in Early America
Book Excerpt #6:     The Woolfolk Family Ties to Early American Leaders
Book Excerpt #7:     Early Pioneers and the Baptist Church
Book Excerpt #8:     Indian Raids Threaten Early Settlers
Book Excerpt #9:     Family Letters Illustrate Daily Life of Settlers
Book Excerpt #10:   The Woolfolk Murders

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